Testing Fee Of 150.00 USD To Be Implemented For Grenada 

PR – Effective January 1, 2021, all arriving travellers to  Grenada are required to pay a one-time $150.00 USD ($410.00 XCD) Coronavirus  (COVID-19) test fee, which will cover their day-four test or any test taken while on Island. 

Children under five years of age are exempt from taking any Coronavirus (COVID-19)  test in Grenada. 

Travellers can pay the test fee ahead of their trip through a simple, convenient and user friendly online system, which can be accessed at www.pay.gov.gd. 

If unable or unwilling to pay through the online system ahead of the trip, all incoming  passengers will be required to pay this fee at the Maurice Bishop International Airport  upon arrival. 

Although this has been a plan in place since Grenada reopened its borders in July, it has  so far only applied to individuals in home quarantine. 

Up until now, all other travellers have been tested at the expense of the State. 

Beginning January 1 also, geofencing devices will be available for travellers in home  quarantine or at designated smaller hospitality accommodations, so that those individuals  can be actively and continually monitored. 

The $55.00 USD ($150.00 XCD) payment for the devices can also be completed online  through the same site; www.pay.gov.gd, or can be made upon arrival at the Maurice  Bishop International Airport.