Teen Shot After Leaving School In Downtown Brooklyn Park

(NEW YORK POST) – A 15-year-old student who had just left his nearby high school was shot while he was in a Downtown Brooklyn park Wednesday afternoon, according to law enforcement sources.

The teen boy – a student at Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools – was shot around 1:40p.m. inside McLaughlin Park near Jay Street and Tillary Street, a law enforcement source told The Post.

The youth was taken to Methodist Hospital in critical condition, the source said.

The police are searching the area and looking for video of two suspects, including the shooter, the source said.

Police had not motive for the attack on the student, whose charter school has been open since August. It comes on the eve of the start of classes for the city public schools.

Two people who work close and were gathered by the scene said they were shocked and saddened by the shooting.

“I saw them working on the poor kid and from what I could make out, he did not look good,” Michael Foster, 51, told The Post. “They were pumping his chest and he wasn’t moving on his own. It seemed like his heart wasn’t beating and his color wasn’t good.”

“Bullets are flying indiscriminately, and it’s unacceptable,” Foster said.

Allyson Solomon, 35, told The Post she is “flabbergasted.”

“I’m in mourning. What is happening to the city where a boy who’s just starting out his life gets shot in the chest in the middle of downtown Brooklyn?” Solomon said. “The courts are all around this park. The police are everywhere, court officers everywhere, and someone’s got the nerve to shoot a gun here, in a park where kids play after school? When does it stop?”