Taxpayers Encouraged To Take Advantage Of Tax Amnesty

PR – The Ministry of Finance wishes to inform the public that a one-year Tax  Amnesty programme is currently being implemented by the Inland Revenue Division. 

The Tax Amnesty will provide a 100% waiver on ALL interests and penalties to ALL taxpayers  with existing tax arrears owed to the Division, up to December 31, 2021. 

The Inland Revenue Division encourages ALL taxpayers; individuals and businesses, who have  outstanding tax returns and balances for the relevant periods covered under the Amnesty to take  advantage of this opportunity to regularise their tax position and to become tax compliant. 

Please note that the Division intends to use all enforcement powers at the end of the Amnesty  period to recover outstanding balances. As such, taxpayers who fail to take advantage of this  Amnesty would face stricter enforcement actions as of January 2024. 

For further information on the Tax Amnesty, please contact the Inland Revenue Division at 435- 6945/6 or send an e-mail to or visit our website at