Taxes Due – Remaining Days In September 2021 

PR – The Inland Revenue Division (IRD) of the Ministry of Finance advises the public of the following taxes that will be due and payable for the remaining days in September. 

20th: (VAT) Value Added Tax and Excise Tax Return Due and Payable. 

28th: Corporation Income Tax Returns Due for Businesses with Fiscal Year ending 30th June, 2021. 

30th: Corporation Income Tax and Annual Stamp Tax (AST) Installments Due and Payable. 

The public should take note that when the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the next working day will be the due date for payment. 

Taxes should be filed and paid on time to avoid penalties and interest. 

This can be done utilizing the Ministry’s online payment services or or any District Revenue Office. 

For further information, persons can contact Inland Revenue Division, Ministry of Finance via email –