Symptomatic Cases Drop 94% With Pfizer Vaccine, Study Shows

(NEW YORK POST) – Symptomatic cases of COVID-19 dropped by 94 percent after two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, according to a new study.

Israel’s largest healthcare provider, Clalit, looked at data from more than 600,000 people in what is believed to be the country’s largest study to date.

The study also found that people were 92 percent less likely to develop severe illness from the virus with the inoculations.

“It shows unequivocally that Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is extremely effective in the real world a week after the second dose, just as it was found to be in the clinical study,” said Ran Balicer, Clalit’s chief innovation officer.

The shot becomes even more effective two or more weeks after the second dose, Balicer said.

Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science also reported Sunday that there had been a significant decline for the first time in hospitalizations and serious illnesses with Israelis age 55 or older.

The first age group to be vaccinated in the country had been people age 60 and older.