Suspected Dallas Airport Shooter Told Cops She Was Chris Brown’s Wife: Report

(NEW YORK POST) – The woman who opened fire in a Texas airport this week had once claimed to be “God’s Prophet” married to singer Chris Brown — and has been repeatedly freed from jail for a series of alarming crimes after being found mentally unfit to stand trial, according to a report.

Portia Odufuwa, 37, remained in a hospital Tuesday morning after being shot and wounded by cops as she opened fire inside Dallas Love Field airport on Monday, police said.

Shocking videos caught passengers screaming and ducking for cover after Odufuwa fired several shots upon emerging from an airport bathroom where she had gone to get changed, according to cops.

It later emerged that Odufuwa was free despite a lengthy history of mental illness and serious crimes, including bank robbery and even arson, according to records reviewed by The Dallas Morning News.

More than once, she has given police the home address of Rihanna’s bad-boy ex Brown — saying she lived there with the “Run it!” singer, calling him her “husband,” affidavits reportedly show.

In October 2019, Odufuwa was found staring at a burning house in Mesquite — telling cops that she was “responsible,” the paper noted, citing the arrest warrant.

“I am God’s prophet … I’m basically letting you all know that I am the cause of this fire,” she told cops, according to the records.

The owner of the home — which was already damaged by two previous fires — wanted to pursue charges.

However, despite Odufuwa’s alleged confessions, charges were not filed because of a lack of scientific evidence, District Attorney John Creuzot told the Morning News without elaborating.

At the time, she was only free because she had been found incompetent to stand trial for allegedly robbing a bank in April 2019, the paper said. The case was dismissed and Odufuwa reportedly underwent both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

The most recent case cited in the report — from June last year — ended with an almost identical outcome.

Dallas County Judge Kristin Wade found Odufuwa incompetent to stand trial in a misdemeanor case for pulling a fire alarm — but found her to pose no danger to the public.

The case was dropped and the disturbed suspect was merely referred to outpatient mental health services, the paper said.

It was unclear what mental health diagnoses Odufuwa has that led to her being found incompetent to stand trial, the Morning News said, noting that it could have also changed since her last case. The judge could not be reached for comment, the outlet said.

It was unclear whether Odufuwa had an attorney, and a woman who answered the door for a home listed for her in public records declined to comment, the Morning News said. Odufuwa’s family also declined to comment.