Support For The Establishment Of Parish Sports Council

PR – People involved in the different sporting disciplines in Carriacou are giving support to the establishment of the Parish Sports Council.

Together with support, they are calling for more inclusion in sports of people with disabilities; for more involvement of athletes from Carriacou and Petite Martinique on the national level; and also for mechanism to be put in place to assist athletes dealing with mental health challenges.

They made their views known while offering their concerns and suggestions at a consultation held on the election process for the establishment of the Parish Sports Council. Elections are planned for April 15th.

According to Alvin Clouden, Executive Officer at the National Sports Council Secretariat, the establishment of Parish Sports Councils will lead to a more structured way for sporting and physical activities in the State.

He encouraged the setting up of clubs, saying club structure is the foundation for the development of sports.

Part of the responsibilities of the Parish Sports Councils will be the management of sporting facilities and the development of a sporting calendar, in consultation with the National Sports Council and the Ministry of Sports.

A consultation on the Parish Sports Council will be held on Petite Martinique on Wednesday, March 27th.