Successful First Meeting Of The Newly Relaunched Public Service Human Resource Officers’ Network (HRON) 

PR – The network positioned to serve as a mechanism to support  the development, implementation and coordination of policies, strategies, and plans for  Human Resource Management, held its first meeting recently, following an official  relaunch earlier this month. 

More than 40 Senior Administrative Officers, Administrative Officers, and Human  Resource Management Officers from 13 ministries and 12 non-ministerial departments  attended the inaugural meeting of the Public Service Human Resource Officers’ Network  (HRON). 

Discussions centered on the finalisation of the Grenada Public Service Regularisation Strategic Framework which, when implemented, will provide guidance to correct anomalies in the terms and conditions of engagement of workers using a three-phased approach. 

Once actioned, the policy will address the backlog of officers holding temporary or acting  appointments, as the first step in the regularisation process. 

Although led by the Department of Public Administration in the Prime Minister’s Ministry,  the reactivated HR Officers Network is a joint initiative between the Public Service  Commission (PSC) and the DPA. 

It is guided by the theme “Committed to Better Service through Partnership for  Continuous Improvements”,