Students In Guyana To Get Cash Grant From Gov’t In Preparation For Next School Term

CMC – Guyana’s Education Minister Priya Manickchand Wednesday said that the government will next Monday begin the distribution of the $45,000 cash grant for school children across the country.

She said more than 200,000 children from public and private schools will benefit from the “Because We Care” initiative, which includes school uniform and supplies voucher.

“This is a grant for public and private schools’ children who are in school. The eligibility criteria are that you have to be on the register, you had to be attending school and you had to return your textbooks to be able to access the grant. This is going to be happening all across Guyana over the two-week period for collection and distribution,” Manickchand said during a live broadcast on her Facebook page.

The Education Minister explained that if parents or guardians are unable to pick up the grants on the scheduled date, they can visit their respective Regional Education Office to do so at a time that is convenient to them.

“It’s very smooth, it’s very transparent, it’s very open and every child who is entitled will benefit,” Manickchand said, reminding people to have in their possession the relevant identification documents, which include either a national identification card or a passport.

If a person cannot present a valid form of ID, one can provide a verification letter that has been verified by the school’s principal, village leader, or Toshao.

“This is really easy. Just come get your grant so that you can get your children ready for September,” Manickchand said.

The Guyana government has committed to increasing the Because We Care cash grant incrementally until it reaches $50,000 and the Auditor General’s office is expected to oversee the distribution of the funds.