Status Of Ice Machines For The Local Fishing Sector 

PR – The Division of Fisheries within the  Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts, Fisheries and Co-operatives, has advised that thirteen  (13) new ice machines will be procured, delivered and installed at all Fish markets in Grenada and  Carriacou in 2021, through a grant from the Japan International Cooperation System (JICS). 

The division is cognizant of the challenges faced by many regarding the unavailability of ice for  use in the fishing industry. 

Currently, the fish markets at Gouyave, Grenville and Victoria have functioning ice machines that can adequately supply the fishers in those areas. 

Although the ice machines at Waltham, Duquesne, Sauteurs and the Melville Street fish markets are non-functional, the public should note that the Waltham area can be serviced by the ice  machine located in Victoria, while Sauteurs can be serviced by the ice machine that is operated by the Fishermen’s Co-operative in that area. The Melville Street facility is primarily supplied with  ice from the Gouyave facility. 

Duquesne has a functioning freezer for the effective storage of the relatively small quantity of  fish that is landed in that area. Ice can be sourced from Victoria for the Duquesne facility. 

The Ministry is committed to engaging the Fishers and stakeholders with a view to establishing  the challenges of the sector and formulating strategies to address and grow the sector.