Statement On Peaceful Resolution Of The Recent Blockade Of The Guerguerat Crossing

PR – Grenada states its satisfaction at the peaceful resolution  of the recent blockade of the Guerguerat Crossing along the Moroccan Western Saharan  Wall, on the trading route between Morocco and Mauritania, by the Polisario Front in Western Sahara. 

Grenada is aware of the initiatives proffered throughout the years since 1975 to bring about  a stable relationship between the Front, Algeria and Morocco. 

In this regard, we applaud the United Nations effort at maintaining peace and stability in the  area and commend Morocco for its efforts to restore civil and commercial movement and  peacefully resolve what could easily have escalated into a crisis. 

The Government of Grenada reiterates its steadfast support of all efforts aimed at maintaining  peace by the United Nations and by the Government of Morocco.