Statement From The New National Party

PR – The New National Party issues commendations to Government, all frontline and essential workers for the success thus far in controlling and containing COVID-19 – the global public health pandemic that has been adversely affecting the economies and health sectors of all nations and claiming millions of lives.

Grenada, as a country, has one of the lowest infection rates since March 2020. Though we recognize that this carries merit for our country, we are cognizant of the fact that this status can change very quickly if there continues to be noncompliance to our protocols. As we look at recent developments in Dominica, Trinidad and other neighbouring islands, we issue a clarion call to our citizens to take the necessary precautions.

Although Grenada has only had one death related to the virus, the regional and international picture is extremely frightening and must encourage us to exercise caution and take measures to prevent any possible outbreak in Grenada.

The party commends those who have been doing their best to observe the protocols and encourages everyone to continue to sanitize, wear their mask and most importantly get vaccinated.

The NNP acknowledges the challenges this pandemic has brought to the people of Grenada and Government. However, it must be noted that the only way to ease the restrictions and mitigate the economic, social and mental burden of covid 19 is by simply attaining a ratio where most of the citizens are vaccinated and to reach a point where the populace is following and showing adherence to public health protocols.

Disregarding these protocols can and will significantly halt Grenada’s progress to full recovery from this deadly virus which has infected and caused the death of millions worldwide. We are also very concerned about the increasing amount of misleading and false information that is in circulation and which aims to discourage people from taking the vaccine. It is imperative that information be only accepted from credible and authentic sources. Know your source of information and DO NOT TRUST INFORMATION FROM QUESTIONABLE SOURCES WHO ARE CLEARLY DECEPTIVE and whose only aim is to confuse readers.

We appeal to everyone concerned, this is not a time to exhibit lawlessness and disrespect to authorities, especially the ones charged with the responsibility of keeping us safe. It is crucial that we work with the authorities and support the Government as we venture into a new era of public health management. It is now time for us to work together, for without any doubt, we are in this together.