Statement From The New National Party

PR – At a recent town hall meeting, the Prime Minister of Grenada, Hon Dickon Michell, stated that monies intended to be paid to the Government of Grenada was paid to an account of the The New National Party (NNP).  The party wishes to make it known that the party has no knowledge of any such transaction and has not received such funds referred to.

Furthermore, the party believes that this and similar accusations are diversionary tactics used by the Government to draw attention away from the real issues of the new administration’s lack of performance, mismanagement, allegations of corrupt activities of its own members and failure to deliver on its many 100 days campaign promises.

The NNP also believes that these allegations are aimed at distracting public officers from the broken promises to immediately make workers permanent, to pay pensions for all workers who qualify and the cry of the over one thousand ordinary Grenadians who have lost their jobs. This tactic also seeks to distract from government ministers deciding to give themselves $2000 in increases while doing nothing to address the increase in food prices and electricity bills.

The NNP calls on the Prime Minister to present facts thats monies intended to go to the State of Grenada was paid to another account other than the Government Account.  Meanwhile the party will seek legal advice on the statement made.