Statement From The Ministry Of Health On Super Knockout Finale

PR – The Ministry of Health announces that we have reached a negotiated and secure arrangement with Megaforce Promotions to enable the execution of the Grand Finale of the 11th Annual Waggy T Super Knockout Football Tournament, which will be played, as originally scheduled, this coming Saturday, 12th December.

Cognizant of the importance of Sports and Culture to the health and livelihood of the population, the Ministry continues to be supportive of events, as long as they align with the mandates that are scientifically proven to prevent or decrease any potential proliferation of the deadly COVID-19. While we must curtail certain activities for the safety of all citizens and visitors, we continue to work with promoters and entertainers within the bounds of the health and safety protocols, to find avenues for the secure execution of sports and cultural activities.

The Waggy T Super Knockout Football Tournament is one such example. The Ministry has worked with the promoter to institute guidelines for the event, that, when followed appropriately, will guarantee the desired levels of comfort and security. The Royal Grenada Police Force and the Health Wardens will be deployed to assist with the compliance of the agreed-upon requirements.

The Ministry thanks Megaforce Promotions and all other promoters and stakeholders for their cooperation in keeping Grenada safe. As always, we remind that while there is no evidence presently of community spread of the virus in our Tri-Island State, we must be aware that there is always a real possibility that the virus could gain access to our communities, given the porosity of our sea borders, etc.

The Ministry, therefore, must continue to act proactively in safeguarding Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The prevention of COVID-19 is our best cure.