Statement From CaneCo Ltd. On The Re-Hiring Of Seasonal Employees

(PR) – CaneCo Ltd. has been operating in Grenada for the past six (6) years.  

Since it commenced operations, CaneCo Ltd. has made a significant push of agro  industrialisation through a major investment in revitalising the sugarcane industry by  supplying agricultural services to provide cane juice for distillation into high-quality, fine rum. 

The introduction of our company to Grenada marked a significant milestone in the moderni sation of Grenada’s agriculture industry, particularly for the once-collapsed sugarcane sector.  CaneCo Ltd. propagates, cultivates, harvests, and mills superior sugarcane. CaneCo Ltd is  a subsidiary of the Renegade Rum Group Ltd which has invested in excess of US$50 million  in restoring abandoned sugarcane fields, building a modern distillery, and providing  employment for scores of local workers.  

Our company has had to restructure some of its operations, while ensuring that we remain  within industry standards. In that context, several of our workers, whose work is in fact  seasonal, but who were kept on for the purposes of sustaining the Company’s production  capacity, are now being asked to work at the standard that exists in this industry worldwide.  

As per the Employment Act, CaneCo Ltd. has terminated the current contracts of  employment with the sugar cane harvesters and offered immediate re-employment under  new contracts as seasonal sugar cane harvesters. Each terminated worker shall receive  all statutory compensation to which he/she is entitled. We hereby acknowledge and publicly  thank the affected employees, who are essential partners in our business, for their  contributions. The Company remains dedicated to maintaining their service as sugarcane  harvesters from season to season. 

As a company and a family, CaneCo Ltd. reaffirms its responsibility to all employees and to  honour the privilege of being a partner in Grenada’s employment and development  landscape. Grenada presents a unique opportunity to revitalise a historic section of the  economy by creating sustainable employment in the country’s rural areas. CaneCo Ltd.  is committed to playing its role in the economic transformation of our Tri-island State.