Statement by Dr. Patrick Antoine On Acceptance Of The Invitation To Participate In The Pensions Solution Strategy Committee

Fellow Grenadians, friends, family all,

Literally thousands of civil servants, both retired and current ones, and tens of
thousands of Grenadians when we count their families, face a severe financial CRISIS
affecting their lives and livelihoods.

This is not some abstract matter affecting a few dozen people. We are talking about
thousands of fellow Grenadians who have served out country for decades.

It is in this context and for this reason that I, Patrick Antoine, have seen it fit to take part
in finding an urgent solution to this crisis of so many of our people, REGARDLESS of
WHO is presently in Governmental Office.

I consider it my patriotic duty to my fellow Grenadians to accept the invitation from the
Government of Grenada to participate in the Pensions Solution Strategy Committee.
I have always been and remain completely disposed toward any genuine call to duty in
the interest of my Country. This is particularly so as it relates to matters of high national

My record of patriotic service without regard to political party politics or consideration of
which administration sits in the corridors, speaks for itself. The invitation of the current
Government of Grenada for me to aid in the resolution of the longstanding Civil Servants
Pension and Gratuity issue is a matter that I consider to be of the highest priority and
one which stands well above any political party considerations.

Even in the context of a more restricted work schedule, I have taken the decision to
participate in the work of this Committee since the benefit to the Country will be wide
ranging and the risk posed if this matter is not successfully resolved, may be significant.
The Pension Solution Strategy Committee allows me yet another opportunity to give back
to our Country. Quite frankly, I would be doing a disservice to my many mentors both
within and outside of Grenada, if I did not heed the call.

That call has been proudly accepted with no expectation of reward or compensation but
in a spirit that is completely consistent with my spiritual and family values. I intend to
execute my responsibilities on the Committee to the best of my ability.

Finally, my decision is personal and, it holds no implication for TGM which, which has
pledged early in its existence, to rise above petty party politics. I however, paid my
colleagues the respect of informing them of my position and of my personal professional
decision to serve on the Pension Solution Strategy Committee at this time.