Start-Up Kits Donated To Youth To Encourage Rabbit Production 

PR – Encouraging youth involvement in agriculture  by promoting rabbit production for personal and commercial use, the Ministry of Agriculture has provided 15 start-up kits to participants in a Rabbit Production Course, organised by the Adult and  Teen Challenge Grenada. 

Funded by the United Kingdom Skills for Youth Empowerment Programme (SKYE), the course  exposed students to the fundamentals of rabbit rearing and management of the rabbitry; knowledge  that they are now tasked with transferring into operating their enterprises. 

The Ministry views this programme as one which can improve occupational skills and  employability of youth ages 15-30, through high-quality training in this sector.  

Citing prospects for economic growth, food security, job creation, and career progression, Acting  Chief Agricultural Officer, Trevor Thompson said, “We know that rabbit rearing has great  potential for Grenada and could give farmers a good livelihood if taken seriously as any livestock  project.” 

Transferring knowledge and skills, as well as providing technical or material support are key  responsibilities of the Ministry, in promoting and encouraging persons involved in agricultural  advancement. The participants will therefore receive continued support from the Livestock  Department to set up their own rabbitries. 

Participant Kevin Lewis, plans to move into commercial production after receiving his starter kit.  He said, “I want to make it so far and do as much as I can to rear my rabbits, sell the meat and  make a financial profit.” 

Jennifer Dowe, Guardian of Kennisha James, another student, explained that while her  granddaughter has experience with rearing rabbits, the family welcomes the move for her to start  her own venture. “Since coming to the class, Kennisha improved a lot. We are very happy for her,  and she can go a long way if she continues with the rabbits.” 

The Adult and Teen Challenge Grenada is a registered Non-profit Organisation, providing faith based holistic rehabilitation services to persons encountering life-controlling situations in a safe  and caring environment. 

The group is currently implementing training in: General Agriculture, Beekeeping, and Rabbit  Production. The programmes support basic work readiness training for disadvantaged young  people, including those with disabilities. 

Director of the Grenada National Council for the Disabled (GNCD), Hillary Gabriel, is elated that  the Ministry is supporting the students. She said, “We believe in integration and inclusion of all  persons, as they too are part and parcel of our gross domestic product of this country. This is a  good project that will branch off into job creation for members of our community.” 

Director of Adult and Teen Challenge Grenada, Jude Hector, also emphasised the importance of  job creation with this project. “This programme prepares students for entering the world of rabbit  rearing. Upon completion, they will receive CVQ Level 2, an important certification. They  understood the types of rabbits, types of feed, how to care for them, cage construction, and all of  the things that would be useful as they rear rabbits for themselves or commercialise their  operation.” 

Start-up kits donated to the students include a pair of rabbits, feed, and materials for a cage. It is  estimated that within one year of implementation, participants should have their plots up and  running with around