St Vincent And The Grenadines Records 26th Murder For 2022

(CMC) – St Vincent and the Grenadines recorded its 26th homicide this year when a masked assailant opened fire at a karaoke event at Arnos Vale, in the south of the island, on Thursday morning.

Jeran Deroche, of Frenches, was killed and three others were left nursing gunshot injuries.

Police said that about 2:00 am on Thursday, patrons were attending a karaoke event at Trotman’s Depot, in Arnos Vale, when a masked gunman approached a group of people and opened fire.

Deroche and three other people — Elisha Wilson, Rashida Parsons, and Tiffany Durrant — received gunshot wounds during the incident and were taken to hospital for medical attention.

Deroche was pronounced dead on arrival.