St. George’s University Strengthens Public Safety In Grenada With Fire Truck Donation To Royal Grenada Police Force

PR– In an impressive display of solidarity and commitment to public safety, St. George’s University has officially handed over the keys to a state-of-the-art American LaFrance Custom Pumper fire truck to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF). The truck was presented at the True Blue campus to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jessmon Prince and Thaddeus Hamilton, Acting Inspector of Police attached to the fire department.

“On behalf of the Commissioner of Police, Don McKenzie, and the fire department we want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to St. George’s University,” said Deputy Commissioner Prince. “In the past, SGU has donated other firefighting equipment to help our firemen be better equipped to handle the task of managing fires. So today, receiving this truck is going to be another boost to our firefighting capabilities on island and we are extremely grateful for this gesture.”

Beyond being a symbol of the continued partnership between SGU and the RGPF, the new fire truck represents a tangible investment in public safety and wellbeing.

The red American LaFrance Custom Pumper fire truck is in excellent condition, and has an automatic transmission, a 450 HP diesel engine and 6KW diesel generator. Equipped with a 1,500 GPM side-mount pump and 750-gallon water tank, it has hydraulic hose reels with driver and passenger side deck guns, and front, side, and rear discharge ports. Also included in the donation were several hundred feet of 3.5 inch and 1.5-inch hose line and 20 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs).

“The fire department has a strong history with St. George’s University,” stated Inspector Hamilton. “We have partnered on several occasions in training and other operations to ensure that our team of firefighters received the best quality of training. And as such we are pleased to welcome this gift today from the University.”

This marks the second time SGU has made such a significant donation to the RGPF. In 2021, the University donated several water hoses, nozzles, bunker gear, and other firefighting equipment to the fire department.

Ryan Charles, Captain at SGU’s Department of Public Safety in charge of Operations, emphasized, “SGU’s illustrious working relationship with the Royal Grenada Police Force continues to evolve. This fire truck, coupled with our previous contributions, reflects our dedication to fostering a safer environment. It will undoubtedly enhance the RGPF’s ability to respond quickly to fire emergencies and other rescue emergencies.”