St. George’s Leo Club Reflects On The Past Months As They Celebrate 51 Years Of Service

PR – The St. George’s Leo Club celebrates its 51st Anniversary on February 25th, 2021. A non governmental organization that was chartered by the St. George’s Lions Club in 1970.  

The young men and women within our communities make up this special group, and as we  reflect on the impact of Covid-19, we thought about kindness and coined the theme ‘Life Is  Uncertain, Be Kind!’ A theme also attuned with our District Governor’s theme, ‘building a  better tomorrow through kindness.’ 

As our week of activities unfolds, we would firstly congregate to give thanks to God, followed  by a social gathering on February 21st, 2021. As the week progresses, each day until February  27th, 2021, we will embark on; a media day; interviews with past Leos, founding members, and  persons within our communities; a kindness project at a pre-school; and provide much-needed  assistance to an elderly person. 

The St. George’s Leo Club continues to endeavor to meet needs within the communities of this  beautiful country. Often, we are restrained in our output capacity as a result of limited  resources, especially now due to Covid-19, but we are a group of committed and innovative  young talents.  

At the start of this Lionistic year on July 1st, 2020, we rode with the tides and challenges and  are now humble reflecting on the strides. 

We held a retreat for members – a refreshing venture where we got to physically  interact with each other after the intense months of lockdown. (August 2020) A donation was made to a toddler’s family to assist with eye surgery. (September 2020) We launched a youth empowerment initiative to which two (2) sessions were held, one  on emotional intelligence, and the other on strategies for the job market-2020 and  beyond. (September/October 2020) 

A ‘pink’ themed tea plate fundraiser was held to which the funds raised were donated  to the Pink Ribbon Society of Grenada in the sum of EC$2,000. (October 2020) An interactive project on diabetes awareness was held at the club’s adopted school,  Constantine Methodist. (November 2020) 

We prepared and distributed breakfast and toys to approximately one hundred (100)  children within the community of Willis, in partnership with The family group.  (December 2020

We held our signature ‘breakfast on foot’ project where members walked through the  town of St. George’s in the early morning to provide a hot breakfast for the homeless.  (January 2021)

We reflect! And we are indeed truly grateful to God, our members, the St. George’s Lions Club (our parent club), our local businesses, and the persons within our communities that continue  to support the efforts of the St. George’s Leo Club! Join us in celebrating this milestone of fifty one (51) years of services, as together, we continue to positively impact the lives of people,  one community at a time.