St. Andrew’s Juvenile Diversion Program Launched

PR – Adult & Teen Challenge Grenada (ATC Grenada) today launched the St. Andrew’s Juvenile Diversion Program designed to assist young people to improve their lives, thereby enhancing their contribution to family, the community and to Grenada.

In addressing the launch at the Grenville Pentecostal Church, Executive Director of ATC Grenada, Jude Hector emphasized the need for a “broad-based coalition of individuals and organizations” to respond to the challenges of the current environment.

The program involves a partnership between ATC Grenada and at least five pastors from St. Andrews including Bishop George Fletcher, Joseph Raeburn, John Mark, Samuel Niles and Wesley Alibachus. A number of organizations in the parish and ministries of government and also engaged in the process.

The St. Andrew’s Juvenile Diversion Program will provide the Court and Probation unit with critical services to 12 young men and their families which, although in its initial stage of engagement, is already showing signs of promise for returns on investment, with parents reporting changes in their approaches to their children and in the lives of participants.

He told the audience the search for solutions require a clear understanding of the nature of human existence that finds meaning and purpose in the Creator (God) and in living out our purpose in relationship with Him.

“Taking Grenada as our point of reference, it means that government, as God’s delegated authority, must engage all national stakeholders in leading our nation on a path that aligns us with God’s redemptive and transformative plan,” as reflected in the island’s constitution and national anthem.

He suggested that the “noble aspiration” of transforming the nation must not just focus on material success but must also recognize and embrace a system of godly values that will support and sustain material success.

“Without those values, we are literally building our hopes and houses on the sands of time, and they will come crashing down by the tsunami of evil that is seeking to undermine and destroy every and anything that it can,” he said, while welcoming government’s engagement with the “none state sector” in the development of Grenada.

“We must be clear on the principle that the quality of life depends on the quality of character,” he declared, noting that we reap what we sow, and godly character produces godly people and by extension a godly nation. Our political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal systems must all be infused by God and His Spirit for us to develop holistically and thrive as a people. 

Mr. Hector called for investment in infrastructure, health, education, agriculture, and other sectors to be accompanied by investment in the holistic development of the Grenadian people.

Naturally, it must also be true that these investments necessitate that NGO’s operate at the highest level of accountability and integrity, to maximize returns. Any other approach, especially in today’s environment, leads to distrust among partners and undermines the relationships that are necessary for improving the lives and circumstances of those who should benefit most from that investment.