Spicemas CEO Congratulates Parish Carnival Committees On Successful Launches

PR – The Spicemas Corporation (SMC) extends heartfelt congratulations to the Parish Carnival Committees of St. David and St. Patrick on their successful launches over the weekend. These events add to an exciting carnival season filled with cultural expression and community spirit.

St. Patrick’s Parish Carnival kicked off the festivities on Saturday in Sauteurs with a spirited display of traditional masquerade and cultural performances. St. David’s Carnival Committee showcased the very best of their carnival presentations on Sunday with a show at Marlmount.

Cecil Noel, CEO of Spicemas Corporation, expressed his admiration for the hard work and dedication of the committees. “We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and creativity displayed by the Parish Carnival Committees of St. Patrick and St. David. The Spicemas Corporation congratulates them on their efforts and looks forward to the upcoming parish carnival events.”

Noel also commented on the importance of carnival initiatives outside of the capital St. George’s. “Carnival at the parish level is crucial as it fosters local talent, community engagement, and cultural pride. These grassroots celebrations build momentum and excitement, feeding into the climax of the national celebration in August.”

During his address at the St. David’s launch on Father’s Day, Noel declared the Virgin Parish’s carnival officially open, launching a series of events including the popular St. David Soca Monarch competition. “St. David is well known for the Indian Traditional Mas, commonly known as Wild Indian, and I encourage everyone to work towards bringing its portrayal back to the parish. Although St. David is referred to as the virgin parish, being the parish being without a town, it definitely isn’t virgin when it comes to winning crowns in the Calypso, Soca and Carnival Queen competitions.”

He also highlighted the importance of reviving Steelband music in St. David, pledging to work with the Virgin Parish Cultural Organisation and the Grenada Cultural Foundation to assist in this endeavour.

The displays of artistry at the parish level are integral to the overall success and authenticity of Grenada’s carnival season. The Spicemas Corporation remains committed to supporting the parish carnival committees with increased funding and logistical support this year to ensure a memorable and successful carnival season for all.

The next parish carnival to launch is St. John on 6 July, followed by St. Andrew and St. Mark on 7 July 2024.