Spice Slams Walmart Over Racial Profiling, Rants “I Feel A Way”

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – Spice is alleging that she was racially profiled by Walmart employees after she went to buy items that required her to pay large sums cash. The incident has left the artiste angry and embarrassed as she told her followers on social media.

In a video, the Inches artiste said while she was out shopping, she had bought items that filled three trolleys. As she was going to the cashier, she intended to use cash to pay. That’s when another employee came, and the events that unfolded have led to her feeling slighted by the company’s employees.

“When mi tek up the cash and count up the money, mi see one black woman run come from way over Jericho. She said she had to ‘double count’.

Spice said this isn’t the first time she knows about the double count as she is often asked by employees in Louie Vuitton stores, and that is normal. However, it was the woman’s actions implying that Spice might be spending counterfeit money that set off Spice.

“After she double count she nuh done. She come back and say they don’t have the machine to detect if the money fake, mi start get ignorant.”

The artiste said the scene appeared embarrassing as other shoppers in the long line started watching what was happening, “…you know say a Christmas and the line long and everybody is like ‘a wha dis now. She count [sic] the money a look pon the money 40-50 times,” the artiste said.

“I felt that the lady in Walmart was doing some racial profiling. Walmart I need answers,” she called out Walmart.

Spice went on to say that three employees ended upcoming just to count and double count her money. She said one of the employees told her not to feel a way, “B*tch I feel a way! I feel a way Walmart I feel a way,” Spice says.

She said if she was white, the employees would have given her an easier time, but because they were not used to rich black people, they profiled her. “She don’t know say a Spice, thru she see a little black girl with three trolley ah cash out she tun eediat…. thru society done embed it on our mind say we nuffi have so much money, mi nuffi push out three trolley outta Walmart.”

Spice seemed hurt by the incident and this isn’t the first time that she is experiencing this type of behaviour. Her song Black Hypocrisy speaks to the self-hate that exists in the black community.

“Me say a one black woman and she never expect to see another black woman fi have so much money…from yuh black yuh no supposed to have so much cash. Mi friend that come with me, shame like dawg,” the artiste turned reality star said.

It’s unclear if Walmart will respond to Spice.