Spice Defends Risqué Performance At BET Awards

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Queen of Dancehall Spice has attempted to silence naysayers who are critiquing her conduct during her performance at the BET Awards on Sunday.

In an Instagram post on Monday night, Spice hinted at her frustration at those who believe that she should not have raised her leg – a move that has become a staple in her – performing the popular hit So Mi Like It.

“Besties, before I go any further…I see someone comment saying I shouldn’t have done my famous one leg in the air at my BET performance, however this segment was a dancehall segment. So I really want to ask if I shouldn’t have represented the way I did or I should have acted like someone els . Please feel free to share your opinion cause I’m curious …..” she wrote.

Spice also included a clip from an Instagram Live where she further justified her actions during the performance.

“Mi seh when di people dem tell mi seh ah 10 minutes dem ah give wi, mi tek piece—a coulda two seconds! A coulda even a second, all who nuh know Jamaica an’ all who nuh know Dancehall, dem know it tonight! Dem aguh know it…mi nah ask yuh. Mi jump, mi split, mi do everything inna two seconds yuh crazy?! Mi haffi skin right out.”

Some social media users were, however, unmoved by Spice’s explanation, citing that her actions were not appropriate.

“You wouldn’t do that at the Grammy award show…,” one follower rebutted.

“Are you really saying if you didn’t open your leg you wouldn’t be representing yourself,” another questioned.

“Dancehall has a lot more substance than just skin out,” added one more user.

“Well, it looked rather lewd! Time and place is key..,” another onlooker suggested.

Other dancehall acts who were part of the special tribute on Sunday night included Dexta Daps, Skillibeng and veteran artiste Cutty Ranks. They all paid homage to the culture, as well as American rapper Busta Rhymes who received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to music.