SPECTO leads Another Successful Beach Aesthetics Restoration Campaign

PR – The St. Patrick’s Environmental and Community Tourism Organization (SPECTO) has once again demonstrated its commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Grenada’s beaches with a highly successful clean-up campaign. 

On Sunday volunteers from SPECTO, including guides and wardens, joined forces with the enthusiastic staff and students of Mt. Rose SDA Primary School to clean up three beaches in the parish – Irwin’s Bay, Coomansingh, and Rattan. The dedicated team managed to collect thirty large bags of waste. This monumental effort reflects the unwavering dedication of SPECTO and its partners towards environmental conservation and community engagement. 

Founded as a non-profit environmental and community tourism advocacy group, SPECTO has been at the forefront of efforts to protect and conserve the endangered female leatherback turtle species in the region. Through grassroots initiatives and collaboration with local communities, SPECTO promotes sustainable tourism practices and advocates for the development of alternative livelihoods rooted in environmental conservation. 

The campaign which started on March 02nd has resulted in seven beaches in St. Patrick and the Levera Pond which is part of the Ramasar Site being cleaned to date. Support included volunteers from the Sustainable Development Trust Fund, Leo and Lions Clubs of St George’s, Belmont Estate, the staff and students of Mt. Rose SDA Primary School and the Communities of La Poterie, Levera and Rose Hill. 

Speaking about the importance of the clean-up campaign, Claudette Pitt of SPECTO, stated, “Our beaches are not just beautiful attractions; they are vital ecosystems that support a diverse range of marine life. By keeping them clean, we are not only preserving their natural beauty but also ensuring the long-term health of our environment.” 

Next Sunday March 24th, the Beach Aesthetics Restoration Campaign will target Busherie, Mt Rodney and Breakwater; on March 31st Darvey Beach and on April 22nd in commemoration of Earth Day – Savan Swazee.

SPECTO extends its heartfelt gratitude to all volunteers, partners, and supporters who contributed to the success of this initiative. Their dedication and passion for environmental conservation are instrumental in creating a more sustainable future for Grenada and its inhabitants.