SMC Meets With Minister Of Health

PR – The Chairman and Board of the Spicemas Corporation held a preliminary meeting  with a team from the Ministry of Health led by Minister Nickolas Steele on  Wednesday 23rd February 2022. 

The meeting organized by the health minister was aimed at initiating discussions on  the establishment of harmonized protocols to facilitate the safe execution of Spicemas  and build a risk analysis plan to the August festivities following the announcement by  Culture Minister Yolande Bain-Horsford on Tuesday. 

Tuesday’s meeting is expected to be the first of many consultative sessions aimed at  ensuring the SMC Board is accurately apprised of the dynamic volatile nature of the  changes during the pandemic, so to ensure decisions, activities and events planned for  the national cultural event is in keeping with the national protocols. 

Minister Steele in sharing to the Board presented both worst- and best-case scenarios  while also forecasting possible challenges that may arise.

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Remaining hopeful on the implementation of the national event Minister Steele said,  “we need to use carnival as an opportunity to raise the bar of the quality and type of  events hosted at this time”. 

The annual August festivities will be held on August 8th and 9th, 2022. -30-