Sizzla Shout-Out DJ Khaled Addresses Plaque Burning At Bonfire Event

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – Sizzla Kalonji has extended an olive branch to American collaborator DJ Khaled after he tore up and burned music plaques sent to him from the We The Best Music Group chief last year.

Sizzla has not voiced the reason for his behavior which drew condemnation from fans of his music and some of his followers, while Khaled has remained quiet behind the scenes. It seems that the reggae/dancehall icon has had a change of mind as he shared respect for his co-collaborators on several projects before also showing respect to DJ Khaled.

The artist was recently hosted at a Nyabinghi bonfire lighting ceremony in the community of Charlemont, St. Catherine, where the youths launched the Charlemont Housing Scheme Youth Foundation.

While on Instagram Live, where he spoke about a range of things, including music and its earning potential, the artist encouraged the youth to get involved in music to make money. He also shared love for several artists, including the likes of Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, and others.

“Shabba Ranks, Big up yourself. Big up all mi Jamaican artists and all Jamaican families., the poor people, the rich people, you’re one people,” the artist said.

While he spoke about Rastafarianism and uniting Rastas across Jamaica, the Caribbean, and Africa, the artist also touched on the recent incident where he ridiculed DJ Khaled for ‘taking him for a fool.’

Sizzla first shared condolences to fellow artists who were presently mourning the loss of their children or loved ones.

“Ragga Marley, bless up yuhself, yuh dun know,” Sizzla said. “Bless up yuhself, Aidonia big up yuhself, Ricky General, Alozade and all a mi artiste bredda dem; you have lost your child you know my condolences.”

The August Town deejay also singled out several of his co-collaborators before he touched on the controversy with Khaled.

“Big up Buju Banton same way, big up Bounty Killer, big up everyone, big up yuhself Dj Khaled, big up everyone weh mek platinum, whoa!” the artist said as the people around him became quiet.

The artist didn’t explain his behavior but noted that he was angry over vanity.

“Dadda bun di plaque, ah suh it guh enuh, Sizzla love bun fire, Rastafari every time, vanity vexation ah the soul, just live in love and praise di Most High. Every time Rastafari we out,” he said.

Sizzla’s actions drew international focus on his relationship with Khaled as he is also the Godfather of Khaled’s oldest son, Asahd.

During the incident, the “Solid As A Rock” artist destroyed a plaque from the album’ Father of Asahd’ which featured on “Holy Mountain” alongside Buju Banton, Sizzla, Mavado, and 070 Shake.

“Yuh not the best, you di worse. Weh you feel like DJ Khaled, yuh can style Sizzla? ah me buss you, man, August Town buss yuh. jokey jokey,” he said.

“More fyah pon that,’ he added. “Bout unu a fyah King and fyah this. Show yuh wah gwan. Bun! Wrong plaque yuh send come gi wi,” he said, adding, “you insulted me, man. You insulted Jamaica.”

Bounty Killer had seemingly responded to Sizzla’s antics as he shared an old video of DJ Khaled long before he was aligned with Sizzla. In that video, a young Khaled gives Bounty credit for bringing him to Jamaica and encouraging him to get into dancehall music.

DJ Khaled has not addressed Sizzla since the incident.