Shaneil Muir Says She Will Step Out Of Dancehall And Turn To Christianity

(DANCEHALL MAG) – Yamabella singer Shaneil Muir has alluded to turning her back on her Dancehall career to fully embrace a Christian lifestyle.

This after she collapsed due to exhaustion on Saturday, and after she parted ways with her former manager Richie Flores, allegedly over a dispute about their financial arrangements.

Muir took to Instagram Live in tears on Sunday night (October 16), baring her soul about her different challenges. According to her, these trials are a result of her living a secular lifestyle.

“I will never find happiness and peace, in this world, until mi turn mi life ova fully to God,” she declared, with tears running down her face.

Muir, who said that she’s prepared to give up money and fame, added this isn’t the first time that she’s felt nudged to change her life, but it feels stronger than before.

“I going stop wid dis Dancehall an’ mi aguh step out an’ go back to mi God. An’ dis time, mi mek a vow seh yuh see when mi tap, nothing can bring me back. Nothing can bring me back,” she said.

“Mi nuh have money problem…yuh see yah suh weh mi call mental health (while pointing at her head) yuh see mi mental health an’ mi spirituality, a dat alone matter to mi. Mi nuh business bout money. Dis world nuh deserve mi. The Bible seh what does it profit a man to gain the world an’ lose him soul.”

On Friday, Muir revealed on Instagram that her former manager Richie Flores of Rebelace Music Ltd was no longer authorized to conduct business or collect monies on her behalf. Muir also revealed that Flores had sent her a cease-and-desist letter, which accused the singer of “making any defamatory statements.”

During the Instagram Live on Sunday, Muir said she had forgiven Flores and thanked him for causing her to move closer to God.

“Mr Richard Flores…I forgive you and mi thank you,” she said.

“You know why mi thank you? When mi pray ask God to carry mi closer to [him] and in the depths of my situation, mi can see where, he has used you, allowed you to do what you have done, and bring mi closer to him.”

She noted that her biggest deterrent to fully embracing Christianity had been the uncertainty about how she will provide for herself.

“Yuh see everything weh ah happen, my worries is that if mi stop now, how mi aguh find mi food lata? How mi aguh reach yasso? How mi aguh get dis—how mi aguh pay mi bills? But yuh know weh di voice seh to mi?! God is yuh provider Shaneil. Have faith in di Lord…why yuh worry when yuh can pray?,” Muir said.

Muir added that she felt secure in her decision to serve God.

“Yuh see me? Mi God bless and I have never lost faith in God. Nuh matta how mi sin before Him. My God is forgiving an’ nuh matta weh mi do inna Him eyes, He’s forgiving an’ as long as mi have life, He has made it possible to come before Him an’ ask fi forgiveness. Mi nah guh mek because of weh happen now, mi mek di wrong choice. Nah guh mek di wrong choice.”

According to Muir, Flores began managing her career in December 2021, but without a contract.

In November 2021, Shaneil had amicably separated from Good Good Productions.

Muir has built a commendable career for herself and is best known for her songs Yamabella, Same Guy with Denyque, Ride It with Vybz Kartel, Exclusive, The Pain, and 3D.