SGU Supply Donation Greatly Enhances COVID-19 Relief Efforts 

PR – St. George’s University, its alumni, and the Government of Grenada have banded together to expedite the delivery of critical healthcare supplies to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

A collaborative effort between SGU and its network has secured physician support and medical and pharmaceutical supplies to assist physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel working on the ground. Among these supplies were 100 oxygen cylinders, which are already in use, providing relief to recovering COVID-19 patients.

“With all my heart, I thank those who have helped bring these supplies to the country and to the people,” said Dr. Charles Modica, chancellor of SGU. “Grenada is our home, and we must do everything we can to keep everyone safe and healthy. I am so proud of the role our faculty, staff, students, and alumni have played in providing COVID-19 care in Grenada, whether it’s administering state-of-the-art testing, helping patients toward recovery, or advocating for the safety and benefits of the vaccine.”

SGU continues to strengthen the COVID-19 response effort by providing procurement and facilitating the shipment of large quantities of supplies, and delivering education and physician support through its alumni physician and friends network. More supplies and support, including increased liquid oxygen capacity, cylinders, oxygen concentrators, personal protection equipment, and physician and nursing support, will be arriving in the coming days and weeks.

“Through our close collaboration with the alumni-led Grenada COVID Crisis Group (GCCG), the Ministry of Health, and our graduates, we have been able to carefully assess needs on the ground and facilitate effective implementation,” said Brendon La Grenade, vice provost at SGU.

As COVID cases increased in Grenada, straining its healthcare system, support from the SGU community came from both on the island and from afar. School of Arts and Sciences nursing students were among the first to help in the administration of testing and vaccines throughout the six parishes. School of Medicine students have volunteered at mobile testing and vaccination clinics organized by Grenada’s Ministry of Health, providing results and educational material, monitoring vaccine recipients for any adverse reactions, and upholding social distancing mandates for those waiting for the vaccine.

“We are grateful for SGU’s continued generous commitment to support healthcare services in our nation,” added Dr. Carol McIntosh, director of hospital services at the Ministry of Health. “We are proud to work in partnership with SGU as we manage the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and strive to improve our health services in general.”

In addition, alumni have rallied to support Grenada through offering in-person and telemedicine care, and financial contributions totaling more than $100,000 through the GCCG GoFundMe page.

“What’s most important to acknowledge is that we are in this together,” Dr. Modica said. “St. George’s University and the Government of Grenada are working toward a solution, and we’ll come to that solution together, just as we always have.”