SGU Invests In Expansion Projects On True Blue Campus

PR – Today, St. George’s University (SGU) announced several expansion and redevelopment  projects designed to increase the capacity of student services and academic facilities on the  True Blue Campus in Grenada.  

The expansion, led by the University’s operations team and several Grenadian design and  building contractors, will see the development of new study spaces for up to 600 students,  additional clinical skills rooms, and other renovations conducive to student success. 

Since the first campus expansion in 1993, SGU has continued to make long-term investments to  meet the needs of its growing campus community, and, in turn, the wider Grenadian community. 

“The Government of Grenada welcomes news of this expansion project at St. George’s  University. At a time when other sectors of the economy are reeling from the effects of the  COVID-19 pandemic, construction projects provide a ray of hope in the local economy, creating jobs for thousands of Grenadians”, said Prime Minister Dr. the Right Honorable Keith Mitchell.  “This particular project at SGU sends a signal that the university remains committed to its long term role in the Grenada economy, community and international medical fraternity and it  provides confidence that full-fledged on-campus activity will resume as soon as it is safe to do  so.” 

SGU is the number one provider of licensed physicians in the US—more than any other medical  school in the world according to FSMB physician licensure data, 2019 and is proud to call  Grenada home.  

“Since the True Blue Campus opened its doors to the charter class in January 1977, more than  22,000 graduates across all schools have gone on to successful professions and continuing  education opportunities in over 50 countries around the world,” said Dr. Charles Modica,  Chancellor of St. Georges University. “The University is proud if its long history of mutual  support in the Grenada community and we are thrilled that so many of our students come back  to visit long after graduating. This expansion project reinforces the understanding that we  remain committed to being an active and vital member of the Grenada community in the years  to come.” 

Campus expansion projects are currently in motion, with plans for completion in January 2022.  SGU looks forward to reopening the campus as soon as it is safe to do so. We are hopeful that  as more people are vaccinated in Grenada and around the world, we can consider a safe return  at least by the start of the August term