SGU Celebrates 45 Years Of Pioneering Progress

PR – Forty-five years ago, St. George’s University’s School of Medicine commenced classes on the  True Blue campus, marking the start of a world-class institution that is now the largest source of  doctors for the entire US workforce.  

The past 45 years have provided incredible journeys, memories, accomplishments, and careers resulting in over 24,000 graduates in medicine, veterinary medicine, public health, the arts and  sciences, and other professions and disciplines. SGU graduates are part of a strong network of  graduates who have established careers in all 50 US states and more than 50 countries around  the world. 

I am proud of this amazing institution that has also forged a path for generations of doctors to  come—for the seventh year in a row, SGU secured more residency positions than any medical  school in the world. Although the campus and the world around it have changed in our 45 years,  the University’s commitment to our mission of training high-quality physicians—and our  commitment to the island of Grenada —remain the same” said Dr. Richard Liebowitz, vice  chancellor of St. George’s University. 

SGU’s impact on healthcare, veterinary medicine, business, and many other fields has been felt  both near and far. Since the first campus expansion in 1993, SGU has continued to make long term investments to meet the needs of its growing campus community, and, in turn, the wider  Grenadian community.

Original Campus of “True Blue” Jan. 1977 True Blue Road Race to Grand Anse  

“The University is proud of its long history of mutual support in the Grenada community.We are  thrilled that so many of our students come back to visit long after graduating, and in recent  times, they have given generously with supplies and financial donations to combat COVID-19 in  Grenada.” said Dr. Charles Modica, chancellor of St. George’s University. 

SGU’s School of Medicine continues to play a large role in transforming education in Grenada  by providing scholarships for various programs to its citizens. These opportunities have  enhanced and enriched the lives of many in the community. To date, SGU is responsible for  graduating over 2,100 Grenadian alumni, with more than 250 MDs. 

SGU invites everyone to join the celebration by sharing memories from the past to present day  that highlight the pioneering spirit that started a legacy. To participate, post memorable photos  and videos on social media using the hashtag #SGUspirit.