SGU Announces A Full Return For The August 2022 Term

PR – Today, St. George’s University (SGU) is thrilled to announce the full return of SGU students to  campus in Grenada for in-person learning for the August 2022 term. This decision is possible as the  Government of Grenada continues to focus on returning to a degree of normalcy across the nation  while safeguarding members of the community.  

We are confident the infection control and vaccination efforts implemented allow for a full return to  our campus. Students in the Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Arts and Sciences, and  Graduate Studies are required to start the August 2022 term on campus in Grenada.  

The availability of vaccines worldwide has given us a great opportunity to return to our vibrant and  welcoming campus environment, while keeping the health and safety of our students, faculty, and  staff on campus, and that of the Grenada community, our highest priority.” said Dr. Richard  Liebowitz, vice chancellor of St. George’s University. “As part of our plan for a full return to campus  life, COVID-19 vaccines and booster vaccinations are required for all students, faculty, staff,  administrators, vendors, and visitors on campus”. 

Over the last few months, the University has been able to prepare for a full return of its growing  campus community with several expansion and redevelopment projects that will be completed  before the August 2022 term. In addition to full access to indoor and outdoor facilities at the fitness  center, students will have access to more individual and group study spaces as well as new  technologically advanced clinical skills laboratories. 

Enhancements completed over the past 18 months include: 

  • New Eric Gairy Pavilion: Outside of Eric Gairy Hall, this open-air pavilion welcomes up to  282 students to convene for outdoor study. 
  • New Beachfront Pavilion: On the hill connecting upper and lower campus, overlooking the  ocean, this new pavilion has the capacity for 324 students to conduct group study. Renovated indoor study spaces campus-wide: Students will have 52 percent more  individual study spaces following renovations with new carrels in Founders Library, Lower  Modica Hall, Lower Taylor Hall, St. David’s Hall, St. Andrew’s Hall, and St. John’s Hall. Additional clinical skills labs: After recently updating the existing 56 clinical skills rooms  with the newest technology, another 28 rooms as well as a new control center have been  added to help provide an optimal simulation experience with standardized patients.

“45 years later, our True Blue campus is still the most magical place to learn and study with an  enriching student experience. We can’t wait to welcome all of our students to campus for the August  2022 term” said Dr. Charles Modica, chancellor of St. George’s University. “The University remains  committed to the country and people of Grenada in this long-term partnership, and we look forward  to returning as an active and vital member of the community.  

SGU will continue to collaborate with the Government of Grenada and to support its public health  response to combat the spread of COVID-19. This collaboration has helped to inform our decisions  on a full return for the August 2022 term.