Severe Weather Advisory Issued By The Met Office

PR – The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) is in receipt of a severe weather advisory issued by the Meteorological Office at the Maurice Bishop International Airport on Wednesday morning.

The bulletin states the significant weather feature as a Low-level trough system, that is moving westward towards the Southern Windwards and Lesser Antilles. 

The forecast is scientifically supported by weather models consistently suggesting that the axis of this system should traverse the island on Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

The system is forecast to bring increased cloudiness, light to heavy showers, periods of rain and a medium chance of thunder showers on Wednesday 6thand Thursday 7th January, respectively.

The prevailing condition is expected to induce the potential impact of Street flooding or flash flooding in low lying areas and a 60% chance of small-scale landslides in vulnerable areas.

NaDMA together with the Met Office encourage the General public to be vigilant. 

Motorists are urged to be extra cautious when driving along wet roads and Pedestrians are encouraged to exercise due care and attention.

NaDMA through the Meteorological Office will continue to monitor the system and provide timely updates.