Senior Women’s National Team Head Coach Happy With Team’s Significant Improvement Ahead Of Concacaf Women’s Qualifiers Campaign 

PR – Head Coach of the Senior Women’s National Team, Jake Rennie, is  proud of the significant improvement made with the women’s team, ahead of  Grenada’s first Concacaf Women’s Qualifiers against the Dominican Republic. 

After weeks of training, the team leaves on Sunday 13th February 2022 for the  Dominican Republic, (DR) and Coach Rennie says, “he is happy with the  improvement in his team’s tactical ability.” 

He further stated, “The ladies have gained much confidence in how they hold onto  and play the ball and their technical knowledge has improved greatly. It’s going to  take time, but we are going to the DR to compete and do our best.” 

President of the Grenada Football Association Cheney Joseph says, “We wish our  senior women’s team the very best as they begin their Concacaf campaign. We are  committed to not only creating opportunities and player pathways for girls and  women, but we wish to see more women gain scholarships and reach the highest  levels of football.”

Women’s Football Representative Renae Samuel provided words of  encouragement saying, “Our ladies have one of the most important qualities which  is determination and with this, we have confidence that they will give a good  account of themselves. They have been training diligently, while focusing many key  areas to ensure they perform excellently. We anticipate that this tournament will  provide our ladies with an experience that will forge friendships and aid in their  holistic development.” 

She continued, “There are many opportunities that are available both on and off  the field for our players and the aim is to continue working with the relevant  personnel to ensure that these opportunities are maximized.” 

The final team has been announced and it is dominated with young talent identified  in 2021 tournaments with a sprinkling of experience along with the inclusion of  overseas based players. 

The following is the final squad list:

Name  Age  Club  Position
Shaniah Johnson  18yrs  Queen’s Park Rangers  Forward
Ruth Lewis  18yrs  Queen’s Park Rangers  Forward
Kristal Julien  21yrs  Boca Juniors  Forward
Shanika Fleming  17yrs  Queen’s Park Rangers  Defender (C/B or R/B)
Sheranda Eve Charles  19yrs  Boca Juniors  Midfielder
Keldonna Jeffery  19yrs  Paradise FC International  Defender (L/B or R/B)
Carena Noel  27yrs  Boca Juniors  Defender (C/B or R/B or Wing)
Rachael Noel  17yrs  Queen’s Park Rangers  Defender (C/B or L/B)
Teasia Jones  16yrs  Paradise FC International  Defender
Tiranha Williams  21yrs  Paradise FC International  Goalkeeper / Defender
Ronniellia Bubb  18yrs  Paradise FC International  Midfielder
Kim Fletcher  18yrs  Paradise FC International  Forward
Judy Mc Intosh  21yrs  Boca Juniors  Defender (L/B or C/B)
Amelia Bubb  15yrs  GBSS FC  Midfielder 
Shonika Phillip  18yrs  Queen’s Park Rangers  Forward
Rickisha Scott  29yrs  St. Marks Super Strikers  Goalkeeper 
Connie John  31yrs  UWI Blackbirds  Goalkeeper
Monique George  18yrs  Actonians FC & Boca Juniors  Midfielder
Malia Ramdhanny  19yrs  Brookhaven College, USA  Midfielder
Roniesha Frank  24yrs  FC Camerhogne  Forward
Abigail Adewunmi  20yrs  Queen’s Park Rangers  Defender
Melania Fullerton  17yrs  FC Dallas, USA  Midfielder