Senator The Hon. Adrian Thomas To Participate In High-Level Forum On Sustainable Land Management In Trinidad 

PR – Minister with Responsibility for Agriculture  and Lands, Senator the Honorable Adrian Thomas, will from March 23rd – 24th March, join  other Ministers from across the Caribbean Community to review the implementation of  Sustainable Land and Soil Management Projects that currently impact ten (10) nations including  Grenada. 

The Regional Sustainable Land and Soil Management Projects are initiatives of the Partnership  for Sustainable Land Management (PISLM), funded and supported by the Food & Agriculture  Organisation (FAO), the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), the  University of the West Indies- St. Augustine Campus, the Global Environment Facility and  member states including Grenada. These regional projects seek to create a conducive enabling  environment and supports countries to establish, implement, monitor, and report on progress  toward Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) targets. 

Senator Thomas will participate in the High-Level engagements that will seek to review progress  made in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (CSIDS) – SOILCARE Phase I, approve the  GEF Project Implementation Form (PIF) for CSIDS – SOILCARE Phase II, set the parameters  for the Caribbean LDN Transformative Project and review the institutional capacities of PISLM  to carry out its mandate. 

The high-level engagements come fresh on the heels of initiatives in Grenada, such as capacity  building in soil sampling techniques, and engagement with Senior Management Staff ahead of  Grenada’s National Soil Survey that will be rolled out from March 27- April 14, with assistance  from various departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Fisheries and Cooperatives. 

The High-Level Forum comprises Ministers responsible for the implementation of the UNCCD.  It meets once every two years and is considered to be in quorum when a minimum of seven (7)  country member-parties are present. It is the principal policy making organ of the PISLM, and  formulates national and regional sustainable development strategies for Sustainable Land  Management (SLM), Sustainable Soil Management (SSM) and Integrated Land Management  (ILM).

These discussions at the High-Level Forum will finalise the approximately US$90M in funding  that has been identified by PISLM for the execution of Sustainable Land Management and Land  Degradation Projects in the Caribbean, including Grenada.