“SEED” Payments Continue At The Community-Level in March 2021

PR – Payment of the Support for Education Empowerment and Development Programme (SEED) will continue in various communities in March 2021. 

The Ministry of Social Development, Housing and Community Empowerment informs Beneficiaries of SEED that their monthly payments for March 2021 will begin on Wednesday, March 24 and end on Friday, March 26, 2021. 

All beneficiaries are advised that they will be paid on a community level as was done for the past months. 

The full payment schedule will be released soon via various media platforms and the Ministry’s Facebook page. 

Please note that the adjustment in the payment process is an effort to exercise social distancing protocols and protect our clients against the potential threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

A message from the SEED Unit, Ministry of Social Development, Housing & Community Empowerment. 

Please contact the Ministry’s HELPLINE at (473) 440-4787 or our direct line at (473) 440-2269 for more information.