Schools to Reopen, Adhering To Six-Foot Physical Distancing

PR – The Ministry of Health and the Cabinet of Grenada  continue to monitor developments relating to the emergence of the new COVID-19  variant, Omicron, to effectively guide the reopening of schools for the Hilary term. 

The Ministry of Education says on the direction of the Ministry of Health and the Cabinet,  schools will operate, adhering to the six-foot physical distancing protocol. Where a school  is unable to accommodate all students using the six-foot distancing, the Ministry of  Education has provided guidance to principals for online arrangements. 

The Ministry of Health and Social Security has also provided updated guidelines to the  Ministry of Education for use in schools, and it has confirmed that these were shared with  principals this week. 

The Ministry of Education also met with principals to further discuss the guidelines and  protocols, and the management of schools during COVID-19. 

Parents are advised not to send their children to school if they exhibit flu like symptoms. 

The Ministry of Health meanwhile, is encouraging teachers and all students over the age  of twelve to get vaccinated to help in the fight against the COVID-19 virus and to protect  themselves as we stem the learning loss. 

The Ministry of Education says a further update will be done on Friday January 14, 2022.