School Transfer Procedures

1. All applications for transfers will be submitted ONLINE to the principal of the secondary school to which the transfer is being requested. This application must be submitted within FIVE DAYS of the CPEA results being published and will be reviewed by a Transfer Committee chaired by the Principal.

2. The Transfer Committee will comprise the Manager, the principal and vice principal of the school.

3. The transfer committees must meet and submit their recommendation to the Ministry of Education NO MORE THAN TWO WEEKS after the results are published. Recommendations received after the deadline will not be considered.

4. If a school meets the student teacher ratio 1:35 after placement, NO transfers will be allowed except where a student is unable to take up a space assigned, and a recommendation is made to replace that student.

5. Principals will send all recommendations for transfers to the Ministry of Education for approval. Transfers must only be granted after the Ministry of Education reviews and documents the same in writing.

Transfer requests should be made ELECTRONICALLY to the principals of the secondary schools.