Sandals’ Parents Recieve Boost Ahead Of New School Year

PR – Last week Sandals Grenada held a Parents Appreciation Luncheon for the team members with children who were successful at the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations.  The initiative, one of the resort’s many welfare activities providing continued support for its over 500 employees, gave an extra boost for parents with soon to be secondary school entrants through financial support of gift vouchers to offset the cost of books as well as motivational speeches and guidance sessions. 

Seasoned educator and current teacher at the St Joseph’s Convent St Georges, Gillian Thomas was the lead guest facilitator and shared her advice on preparation for the transition from primary level education to the secondary level.  Also presenting was motivational speaker, civil engineer and former teacher, Dwayne Noel. 

Apart from advising on the fundamental structural changes to expect, Thomas encouraged parents to give children freedom to blossom; “Each child is unique. You may have three children and each may be gifted differently. As the parent it is your duty to encourage exploring various subjects and extra- curricular activities and nurture their strengths, improve on their weaknesses- to help create insightful and fulfilled adults.”

She also stressed the importance of structure and rules. “Parents should reinforce and second, the rules of the school. Parents and schools should be singing the same tune. Structure at home, is needed as much as structure at school. Children need guidance, and this is our duty as the adults molding the next generation.”

The interactive session saw the coming together of resort team members from eight different departments. One of the hot topics discussed was supervising the use of devices. Thomas advised, “We must communicate and be aware of what is happening in the child’s life in school, out of school and online- and the best way to find out is directly from them. Give them something that is their own. They need their own identity and your attention. If you suspect the need to intervene, then do so.”

General Manager, Peter Fraser, added his sentiments on the importance of this unique forum, “Given the stressors we have all experienced within the last year due to the pandemic, we must continue to support each other as a resort family.  We commend the hard work of the children and parents in successfully completing their primary school education despite all the interruptions and uncertainties caused by the pandemic. The foundation is set for their success and we are happy to provide our parents with this added boost.” 

The gesture was well received by parent, Lucianne Alexander, Stewarding Supervisor. “The journey continues and we need all the help we can get. Ms. Thomas gave us a lot to think about and do at home to really make a difference and for me to support my daughter as she goes on to secondary school.” 

Likewise Kelly Ann Lewis, Spa Therapist agreed, “I agree completely with Mr. Noel and Ms. Thomas. We must have quality time and frequent communication with our children to develop that trust that says we are here for them no matter what.”