Sandals Grenada Update on Team Members and Guests

PR – Sandals Grenada wishes to provide the following update on our team members and guests who were recently tested and retested for COVID 19.

Based on the second round of testing which was conducted by the Ministry of Health on the 23rd of December, soon after the first test and within the accepted incubation period, the results are now available and of the 432 team members tested, ALL 432 have returned NEGATIVE PCR test results.

The 14 team members originally identified as part of the ‘cluster’ were also retested soon after, and so far 12 have received NEGATIVE PCR test results. The results of two remain pending.

With respect to the team member and her family who were also identified as part of the original ‘cluster’ connected to Sandals, both her and ALL members of her family have received NEGATIVE PCR tests after being retested.

Of the 11 guests identified as being positive, they were also retested immediately upon their return to the United States from Grenada, and nine (9) have received NEGATIVE results. They had both PCR and antigen tests, which confirmed they do not have or ever had any trace of the virus in their system. We await the results of one couple.

Despite the fact that virtually all team members and guests have returned negative results upon being retested, the hotel remains closed to new arrivals at the moment, as we continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health and the CMO’s office to ensure that guests are able to return safely, and as we continue to do all we can to protect our team members and the wider public.

We thank the Ministry, particularly the nurses, doctors and lab technicians who worked tirelessly over this holiday period to ensure that all tests were carried out and results received.