Sandals Grenada Sustainability Policy

PR – Considering the Sandals Earth Guard Corporate Sustainability Policy of Sandals Resorts International, and the natural, social and cultural setting in which we operate; Sandals Grenada is committed to achieving environmental and social sustainability

Sandals Grenada is a luxury allinclusive resort situated over 17 acres at the southernmost tip of Grenada, at the end of the islands traditional resort belt in the parish of St. George. The resort is located along the Pink Gin beach with 257 rooms and suites in 4 main villages, 51 pools, 29 hot tubs and 1 dive pool, 10 restaurants; 7 bars, 1 jewelry outlet, watersports and land sports, and meeting and conference facilities

Given the location and features of the resort we recognize the potential to negatively impact the flora and fauna of the fragile ecosystems around us and so safer and sustainable practices are part of our core values and policies. Sandals Grenada is engaged in a range of sustainability initiatives including: energy, water, waste and ecosystem management. Sandals Grenada utilizes a variety of technologies at every turn to minimize use of our precious resources, such as aerators in faucets, low flush toilets, potable water recycling, employs a towel reuse program in guest rooms and laundry water recycling on site daily. Our philanthropic arm, the Sandals Foundation believes in preserving and nurturing our unique surroundings and is dedicated to the protection of the Environment through Invasive Species Management, Tree Conservation and Coral Reef Restoration

In addition, energy conservation technologies have been implemented such as the installation of an energy management system in guest rooms equipped with smart thermostat and motion sensor and energy saving bulbs. Regarding waste management, a strategic partnership was forged with our local bottled water supplier by incorporating waste separation bins to front of house and back of house departments. Shredded paper is also donated to local funeral homes and used kitchen oil is collected for recycling. Waste diversion is also done through food waste being donated to livestock farmers and discarded linen donated to individuals and institutions. Further, we have made a commitment to conduct coastal cleanup drives to mitigate against plastic pollution in the marine environment and raise awareness throughout the island. Through our partnership with Oceanic Global, a nonprofit organization engaged in ocean conservation we were able to eliminate the use of plastic straws. Another key focus is to protect against potential hazardous chemical pollution of the land and oceans through resensitization of team members on chemical use, storage and disposal

Sandals Grenada Resort & Spa continues to partner with EarthCheck, an International Environmental Management institution that assists companies in monitoring their environmental impact. In February 2022 the resort accomplished EarthCheck Certified Gold status for 5 years of consistently achieving and maintaining its benchmarking under the EarthCheck programme

Over the past year, the resort has focused on and accomplished the following sustainability initiatives

We continue to spread environmental awareness to our internal consumers in an effort to achieve waste reduction and utility management 

Reduced waste sent to the Landfill by 23% Over the next twelve (12) months we are committed to

Chemical Management: improving the storage, safety and security of chemicals and hazardous substances in the resorts chemical storerooms Energy Conservation and Efficiency: Reduce the consumption of electricity by 3% with the introduction of the Energy Management Monitoring Committee Waste Management: Improving our waste separation program particularly for food and single use plastic, glass bottles, composting, conversion of waste oil into biodiesel, donation of food waste and discarded linen Marine Ecosystem Management: increase environmental consciousness through the implementation of various educational strategies; consequently increasing awareness of team members.

The resort will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations in order to maintain international best practices. Sandals Grenada has appointed the Environment, Health and Safety Manager as the Sustainability Champion, with responsibility to oversee the sustainability program. Our policy and practices are communicated to Stakeholders like contractors as well as local communities

Special consideration will be given to employing and empowering local employees through our investment in training and development, driven by the Sandals Corporate University, and wherever possible environmentally sustainable products and services will be locally sourced as we maintain compliance with Fair Trade principles

We are committed to our local community, manifested in continuous outreach efforts by the resort and the Sandals Foundation. Sandals Grenada encourages its team members to volunteer and participate in our sustainability efforts on resort and in our surrounding communities

The resort seeks to maintain our benched marked/certified status under the EarthCheck programme, through involving our guests, suppliers and other stakeholders.