Sandals Executive Chairman Urges UWI Graduates To Rise To Their Full Potential

PR – Sandals Resorts International Executive Chairman Adam Stewart has expressed optimism in the future of the Caribbean, telling the alumni at the University of the West Indies 2022 Graduation ceremony, that it is up to them to ensure the region builds on its unique resources.

Stewart was conferred with the honorary Doctor of Laws (LLD) at the event which took place at Mona, Jamaica last weekend.  As head of one of the region’s largest and most successful private sector companies, Stewart told graduates that the most important resource the region had was sitting in the room with him.

“We are a fascinating people. We are a people rich in culture. The way we walk, the way we talk, the respect that we demand, the pride that we have, ladies and gentlemen, do not settle. Do not bet against this country and this region.”

However Stewart cautioned the graduates that success does not come easy, “What we are looking for is the entrepreneur. What we are looking for is that individual who shows up every single day giving 110%. What we are looking for in this region is the future and everything that we can become. We have to look at life through a future lens.”

The Sandals boss encouraged the university graduates to dig deep, and find out what motivates each of them to rise to the top.

“The Man above gave each and every one of you a superpower. Some of you may not have studied in the field that is your superpower, and that’s absolutely ok. But when you get up in the morning and you are taking a shower and preparing for your day, be truthful with yourself. Find the thing inside that makes you want to get up every day, so that you can outperform anybody else in that lane. I want each and every one of you to be the generation that never settles. I want you to be the generation that reaches higher than ever before.”

Stewart said he was humbled to receive this doctorate from UWI.

“I am so proud to be recognised by the UWI for the work I am passionate about. My father, the late Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart taught me that opportunity is a gift not to be wasted. His tenacity and drive to make life better not only for himself and his family but for his employees, community and country gave me a firsthand understanding of what is possible when people are given a chance. I accept this degree with a full heart and the promise to continue to earn the confidence this illustrious body has placed in me.