Saint Lucian Author Launches Caribbean-Based Children’s Novel And Activity Book

PR – A Saint Lucian Author has captivated the attention of the Caribbean and the diaspora with the launch of her first novel -Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture and its supporting Activity Book- Join the App-Venture.

The launch which took place virtually saw Author Delia Louis being interviewed by her son Gianni, on the books and the journey to its publication. She speaks on her challenges and highlights in creating the book.

“ For the sake of the people watching, what is Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture about?” asks Gianni.

“Gianni’s Mysterious App-venture follows a group of four friends who stumble upon a mobile app which vacuums them into a virtual world where they travel the Caribbean Islands. As they journey deeper into the app, the friends get lost. They must now overcome a number of challenges in an effort to escape or get trapped in the app forever!”

“The supporting Activity Book-Join the App-venture is an entertaining, yet educational tool for children preparing for the CPEA/Common Entrance Exams. The Activity Book covers themes like Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Arts. It also doubles as a book report guide.” explains Delia

The launch video which has been making its rounds on social media describes the “Ti Manmay Publishing” book as a cultural and educational exploration of the Caribbean. Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture aims to provide an engaging and thought provoking reading experience for middle-grade readers (8-12 years), highlighting the unique beauty and diversity of the Caribbean region. With modern illustration, an exciting plot, relatable characters, and rich cultural elements, Gianni’s Mysterious App-venture promises to captivate young readers, inspire their imagination and encourage literacy in youth.

“What are the next steps for the books?” Gianni questions in the launch video.

“I intend to reach a wider audience with the book. Currently the books are available in all West Tech locations across the region, the El Shaddai School in Jamaica and we will be announcing other outlets in nine other islands. The books are also available on Amazon.

I would also love the opportunity for the books to be a recommended reading novel and Activity Book on the booklist. The books are perfect for school book reports; It’s ideal for readers with short attention spans; It’s packed with learning material; Has graphical illustrations to attract young gamers and an engaging story-line” says Delia

Through its blend of fictional storytelling and real-world themes, Gianni’s Mysterious App-Venture offers readers an entertaining and thrilling adventure across the Caribbean. Readers have reviewed the book as impressive, creative and educational.

“As a parent and someone who works directly with youth, I must say that the quality and contents of the books is impressive! I would recommend that parents/guardians get the book as it is age appropriate and very educational.” says a Saint Kitts Teacher

“ I really enjoyed doing the activities. There were so many activities based on Dominica, Barbados, Trinidad and so much more.” says an eight year old boy

“ I loved reading the novel. I think my friends would enjoy it as well. I believe that this book should be available all over the world.” says a third grade girl

“ I’ve always wanted to travel the Caribbean and this book truly gave me that opportunity” says a 13 year old girl.

“So proud!  This needs to get into the schools for sure!” comments a parent.

Delia expresses that the book would not have been such a huge success had it not been for the support of corporate sponsors, family,  friends and well wishers, including Dr. Didacus Jules who penned the novel’s Forward.

“ West Tech Shipping is proud to sponsor creative and educational ventures in the communities we serve. We are pleased to announce that the books will be available to all our customers at a discounted price. We wish Ms. Louis all the best with her books” says West Tech Shipping Customer Experience Manager, Mrs. Danica Louis-Black.

“ The Ministry of Commerce is pleased to have supported some of the promotional and advertising aspects of the project as well as printing some of the books. We felt that the books were so creative that we had to partner through our MSME Loan/Grant facility. We look forward to even greater success for the books.’ says Small Business Development Officer, Ms. Leander Calixte.

The 15 minute virtual book launch culminated with a trailer for the Gianni’s Mysterious App-venture Novel. The full book launch and trailer can be viewed on Ti Manmay Publishing’s YouTube Channel or on www.timanmayproductions.comGIANNI’S MYSTERIOUS APP-VENTURE VIRTUAL BOOK LAUNCH


Book Summary

Gianni was an avid gamer, spending countless hours playing video games with friends on their phones and laptops.

One summer, when Gianni downloads a new app on his phone, he has no idea what he is getting into. Suddenly, he and his friends find themselves transported inside the app, where they realise that getting back to the real world might not be so easy.

With the clock ticking and trials at every turn, their quest for escape would be more challenging as they journeyed deeper into the app. Gianni and his friends must work together to overcome tasks or be trapped in the app forever!

Join Gianni and his friends on a thrilling and unforgettable app-venture. in “Gianni’s Mysterious App-venture,” a middle-grade chapter book about Caribbean social studies and the importance of teamwork.

Through its blend of fictional storytelling and real-world themes, “Gianni and the Mysterious App-venture” offers young readers an entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of the Caribbean.

About Ti Manmay Publishing

Ti Manmay (Creole for Little Children) Publishing is a newly registered publishing business in Saint Lucia.

The business was formed for the support and publishing of children’s books set in the Caribbean. Gianni’s Mysterious App-venture, the first of its publications, is a captivating, fiction-non-fiction hybrid, fantasy storybook. The book is an illustrated middle-grade chapter book set in the beautiful modern-day Caribbean islands. This thrilling story follows a group of young friends who embark on an exhilarating quest with mystery, suspense, and cultural exploration.

To supplement the chapter book an Activity Book was also created based on the Caribbean school’s curriculum. The Activity Book also doubles as a Book Report Guide for students writing book reports based on the novel.

About the Author

Gianni’s Mysterious App-venture was authored by Delia S. J. Louis(Dee), an award-winning holistic Marketing and Communications professional with over eighteen years of managerial and practical experience in the areas of Media Production, Creative Arts, Social Media, Content Creation & Sales.

Delia holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Marketing Strategy, with qualifications in Media Studies and Social/Digital Media Marketing, Education and Training.

In all her professional experiences Delia always returns home as a creative. She manages to silence the noise of the busy corporate world and get lost in her imagination to create. Gianni’s Mysterious App-venture is the first in a series of storybooks to be published.