Royal Family Thinks Prince Harry Has Been ‘Kidnapped By A Cult Of Psychotherapy And Meghan’

(NEW YORK POST) – Prince Harry’s family believes he’s been “kidnapped by a cult of psychotherapy” and his wife, Meghan Markle, according to a report.

Harry admitted in his memoir, “Spare,” that as far back as 2019, Prince William, feared his brother “was being ‘brainwashed’” by therapy — sparking the final fight in their tense relationship.

Now a royal source has told The Independent that the family fears it has fully lost him to the cult-like beliefs it clearly blames on his Californian actress wife, Markle.

“He has been kidnapped by a cult of psychotherapy and Meghan,” the source told the UK paper.

“It is impossible for him to return in these circumstances,” the source said.

Harry’s immediate family, including dad King Charles III and stepmom Queen Consort Camilla, also feel “trapped” knowing everything they say will now be used against them, The Independent’s source said.

“They really can’t engage because everything they say will be shared with the media. It is impossible to have a conversation or write a letter because of the risk that anything they say being put in the public domain by Harry, potentially for commercial benefit,” the royal source said.

“There has been a complete breakdown of trust.”

In “Spare” — the memoir officially released Tuesday — Harry complains about his brother, the 40-year-old heir apparent, refusing to join him in one of the therapy sessions.

“His strategy was patently obvious: I was unwell, which meant I was unwise. As if all my behavior needed to be called into question,” Harry wrote — detailing how it “turned into an argument, which stretched over 72 hours.”

“Now and then I realized that my worst fear was coming true: after months of therapy, after working hard to become more aware, more independent, I was a stranger to my older brother,” Harry wrote.

“He could no longer relate to me,” he said — suggesting the fight led to the brothers’ final text exchange.


“I saved the texts. I have them still,” Harry wrote, saying they fill him with “sadness” and “confusion” — even though William’s messages told him “he loved” him and “would do whatever is needed to help” him.

Earlier, Harry had also admitted that after his brother allegedly battered him to the ground he “rang my therapist” rather than his wife.

Buckingham Palace has so far refused to comment on Harry’s book or numerous TV interviews.

In them, the king’s youngest son has claimed that even after his painful revelations and accusations he “would like to get my father back, I would like to have my brother back.”

He even told ITV’s Tom Bradby that a “reconciliation” could “have a ripple effect across the entire world.

“Maybe that’s lofty, maybe that’s naive, whatever. But I genuinely feel that” he said.

The prince believes that could happen after an apology. However, The Independent’s source stressed: “They aren’t going to apologize because they don’t recognize Harry’s version of events.”