Road Blockage Due To Floodings And Landslides 

PR – The Royal Grenada Police Force hereby notifies the general public and in particular motorists that to due to heavy rainfall overnight and into this morning, several areas of the parishes of St. Patrick and St. Mark have been severely affected. 

Extensive floodings, landslides, and fallen trees have resulted in blockage of roads in the following areas:

  • River Sallee (in the vicinity of boiling spring)
  • Lower Marli, St. Patrick 
  • Coconut Row, St. Patrick 
  • Snell Hall (close to the SDA church) 
  • “The Crusher”, Waltham, St. Mark

Until they are cleared and safe, the general public is cautioned to avoid those areas and any other area which is affected or likely to be affected. Motorists are strongly advised to use alternative routes to access their destinations.