River Sallee Government School Celebrates 75 Years 

PR The River Sallee Government School celebrated 75  years during a ceremony at the institution on Jan. 17. 

The theme for the celebration is “Transforming Lives and Communities: “75 Years of Impact  and Service”

The River Sallee Government School was built in 1948 and opened its doors on Jan. 17, 1949, with  298 students on roll and Joseph Campbell as head teacher. The school was then named the River  Sallee School and had a practical centre. In 1954, the school was renamed River Sallee Government  School. Throughout its years, the school has been led by nine principals, seven males and two females and numerous teachers. 

Education Minister Sen. the Hon. David Andrew, Parliamentary Representative Hon. Dennis  Cornwall and Chief Education Officer Dominic Jeremiah were present to celebrate with the students,  staff, and parents of the River Sallee Government School at the ceremony. 

“I am delighted to be here this morning to share this occasion with the River Sallee Government  School. It’s a school that is dear to my heart,” Hon. Andrew said. “You have been in the business of  education for much longer than our nation has been an independent nation, here at River Sallee  Government, and that’s something worthy of celebrating. That’s significant. Your theme says,  “Transforming Lives and Communities – 75 Years of Impact and Service” and through education,  over the years, I’m sure you have allowed several students to journey to parts of the world – far and  wide, in both a real and a literal sense.” 

The Chief Education Officer, Dominic Jeremiah, an educator with 40 years’ experience, also shared  his congratulations. He noted that the Presentation Brothers College, a school he led for 22 years,  recently celebrated their 75th anniversary as well. Jeremiah emphasised the importance of being appreciative to those who help to develop learning institutions and gave a special charge to the current  school community, including parents. 

He said, “I want to charge you with the responsibility of continuing to build on the legacy that has  been left here at this school for 75 years.” 

During the ceremony, past and present teachers, students, community members and corporate  sponsors were awarded, along with others who contributed to the growth and success of the  institution.  

Emerald Gordon was awarded for being the longest serving current teacher, while Madonna Wildman  was recognized as the most senior retired teacher. Joyce Alexander is also one of the longest servings,  having taught at the River Sallee Government School for 38 years from 1969 to 2007. Additionally,  Parliamentary Representative for St. Patrick East Hon. Cornwall, a past student of and teacher at the  school, was recognized during the ceremony.  

Author and past student of the River Sallee Government School, Supt. Loxley John, delivered the  keynote speech. He made special mention of the strong impact teachers make on students’ lives and highlighted one of his past teachers, Joyce Alexander. 

“I mean, she has impacted my life more than she knows and, whenever I see her, there is something  that just wells up inside of me, and I think the bond that was created during those years has remained,” John said. “I pause to recognize the invaluable contributions made by the faithful ones who have gone  before us over these 75 years and to offer thanks for the influence and the impact that they’ve had on  the lives of the community. 

School records indicate that students of River Sallee Government School have consistently performed  exceptionally well in the Common Entrance Exam, followed by the CPEA, earning several positions  in the top 200. During the revolutionary era, the school was a Centre for Popular Education (CPE). In sports, the River Sallee Government School have earned top places at the national primary school  games in both individual and team events, even representing their country at the regional level.  

Vice Principal of the River Sallee Government School, Kelson Baptiste, spoke of the school’s achievements.

“For 75 years our institution has been a nurturing ground for dreams, a fortress for knowledge and a  crucible of character. Our legacy is woven into the fabric of the community, with each graduate  contributing to rich tapestry of our shaped rich history,” Baptiste said. “The 75th anniversary is not  just a milestone. It is a testament to our resilience – to our adaptability and unwavering commitment  to excellence. It is an opportunity to renew our dedication to fostering an environment where curiosity,  creativity, and compassion flourish.” 

The River Sallee Government School is also well known for its strong cultural influence, under the  guidance of Crofton Mc Guire, a teacher at the school, validating the school motto “Culture through  Activity’’.