Rihanna Plans For 2021 Includes Tons Of New Music & Caribbean Cookbook

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – Rihanna has a ton of new music coming in 2021 and a Caribbean cookbook with some of her favorite recipes.

Fans may finally get a chance to hear Rihanna’s R9 in 2021. She hasn’t confirmed anything as yet, but in a recent interview with Closer, she did say that she aims to work on taking her music to new heights in the new year. She said that she wants “to take my music and my brands to a different level.” Considering she hasn’t spoken much about new music in recent times, it’s at least an indicator that she might give her original career some attention next year.

Rihanna has had a wonderful year so far, in spite of the coronavirus, with her most recent appearance causing quite a stir on the internet as she posed in a cherry-bikini. In the interview, she speaks about a lot of things besides music, like her eating habits and her plans for a new cookbook.

While she stated that she mostly eats well-balanced meals, she revealed that she still has the occasional mac ‘n’ cheese and even some Shepherd’s pie. “I won’t deprive myself. If I want a cheeseburger, then I am going to have one. I will exercise three or four times a week as well – feeling healthy is important to me,” she shared.

This is one of the ways that she loves herself, she explained further. “Feeling comfortable in your own skin is a journey. We all have to learn self-love. If we really think about it, I am sure we can all find flaws with our body – but when we really learn to love ourselves, then we end up embracing our flaws,” she added.

The cookbook that she is working on right now has recipes from her home Barbados. It’s something that the Fenty CEO feels very passionately about. She never hides her love of Barbados. In fact, she’s there for the holidays and was seen in a random gas station posing for a video.

“It’s important to be with friends and family – but I feel at such peace when I am there. It is the most beautiful place, with incredible, beaches, food and people,” Rihanna said.