RGPF Concerned About Violation Of COVID- 19 Regulations

PR – The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is concerned that organizations and groups have been participating in demonstrations, protest actions, vigils and other social activities in direct violation of the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Regulations.

While it is appreciated that peaceful protest is an integral part of any practicing democracy and that there should be no attempt to unlawfully stifle or hinder the rights of anyone to exercise such freedom, it must be conducted within the parameters of existing legislative frameworks.

In recent times, the carnival-like demonstrations of teachers and public officers through the streets of Grenada, flouting the statutory necessity for the wearing of face masks or covering, social distancing and the need to obtain permission from the relevant authority, are stark examples of this trend.

The RGPF has engaged the leadership of the Grenada Union of Teachers who have acknowledged their error and apologised. Similarly, there is an ongoing endeavour to meet with other offending parties, to encourage compliance with the lawful requirements.

The RGPF has chosen the path of forbearance in enforcing the COVID-19 Regulations. This is evident through dialogue and collaboration in the context of the prevailing socio-economic realities. However, should these violations continue, the response from the RGPF will be urgent and decisive to ensure compliance with the regulations.