Reunion Of Ex-GBSS Students In August

PR – The COVID-19 pandemic may have forced former students of the Grenada Boys’ Secondary School (GBSS) into postponing a major activity, a reunion of hundreds of ex-schoolmates. However, members of the GBSS Alumni International Foundation (AIF), which includes former students living in Grenada and in the Diaspora, still have been actively engaged in assisting the Tanteen-based school.

They used the past Christmas season, for example, to donate food hampers to students and families in need. Altogether, 27 families from across Grenada were assisted. The estimated cost of each hamper was EC$200.

The identification of recipients, and the distribution of hampers, were coordinated through GBSS guidance counsellor Shellyann Lewis.

“Just want to say thank you to all those who put together and gave us the hamper,’’ one parent said in a note to Lewis. “We are very grateful. May God continue to bless you all.’’ 

A student, in writing to Lewis on receiving the hamper, said: “It was really helpful. My mom was shocked and surprised. She wanted to know who to thank for it.’’

The AIF was formed two years ago with a mission to assist in the growth and development of current GBSS students “to become productive, well-rounded citizens’’; and also to equip them to get involved “in the social and economic transformation of Grenada’’.

In addition to the Christmas hamper donations, the AIF also has conducted virtual mentoring programmes for students in various professional fields of interest.

As well, a 2021 AIF-organized essay-writing competition, attracted 500 student participants. 

The competition, which offered cash awards to the top students, was sponsored by AIF member Everod Samuel, a Grenadian engineer based in the United States. 

With COVID-19 restrictions and protocols being lifted worldwide, including in Grenada, the AIF’s in-person reunion is now scheduled for August.

Unable to meet face-to-face last year because of COVID protocol restricting large group gatherings, foundation members opted instead for a virtual get-together.

The three-day virtual event, held last December, included a teachers’ recognition segment; health discussion; religious services; and cultural presentations.

The in-person gathering and reunion of ex-GBSS students will now be held from August 10 – 14.

Events expected to form part of the reunion include a meet-and-greet and welcoming gathering of the former students; a discussion session between AIF members and current GBSS students; an ecumenical service; and sporting activities.