Residential Caregivers Trained On World Social Work Day

PR – On March 15, the day marked as World Social Work Day, the Child Protection Authority embarked  on a one-day training workshop for residential care providers, funded by the Grenada Spotlight  Initiative. 

More than 30 members of staff from the Queen Elizabeth Home, the Belair Children’s Home and  the Dorothy Hopkins Home benefitted from sessions on effective communication, team building,  and conflict resolution, designed to empower them for personal and professional success. 

Because the work of a care provider is a ‘giving’ one, components of self-care were carefully  woven into each presentation to encourage participants to make time to care for themselves, as  doing so benefits everyone. 

Another critical aspect of the workshop was that of First Aid, where participants learnt the basics  of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), dressing and bandaging, and responding to choking in  children and adults. 

All in all, the sessions served to provide pertinent refreshers to increase caregivers’ confidence and  competence in the execution of their roles and responsibilities. 

A certificate of completion was awarded to each participant. 

An extended version of this training will be imparted to the caregivers of the CPA’s Father  Mallaghan Home for Boys and SMILES Rehabilitation and Training Centre from March 23rd to 25th, 2022.